Client Challenges
The Breeder Ratings approached Commercial Ink with an idea of a solution to a problem. The partners knew that buying a dog from a breeder always involved mystery, and they wanted to use the power of social media to help alleviate the risk.

Our Solution
Prior to any design work, Soapbox consulted on the formation of the idea. Once a company name and detailed concept had been decided on, a full brand was created using a color palette, icons, and images that were familiar to both the social media world and to the pet industry. The following components were created using the brand guidelines put into place:

* Logo design
* Sales collateral (brochures)
* Direct mail postcard
* Full website design and development

It was determined that user experience was going to be a vital part of the website’s potential for success. The site would have to be functional and offer a full database of information, but it also needed to be non-intimidating and easy to use for the average consumer. The project requires extensive strategy prior to the website launch to ensure the most user-friendly experience. In addition, the website would need to have a strong presence on social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which Soapbox developed and currently maintains.

The Result
After only one month, had 1300 visitors to the website. With an average time on the site of over 3 minutes, it became clear that users were interested in what they were finding. The Breeder Ratings is currently seeking to expand their database to nearly 10,000 breeders across America.