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First blog entries are usually awkward.  It’s like jumping into a conversation without any rapport.  I compare it to walking into a coffeeshop, sitting down with a total stranger and saying “Hello, I’m Kaleb.  I’m going to talk to you about brand awareness today.  Brand awareness is…”

Check, please.

As a reader, I think context is equally if not more important than content.  It’s vital that you understand the intentions of our writings and the background they’re coming from.  Who is Soapbox?  What do they stand for?  Why do I care about what they have to say?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Soapbox was founded to redefine the agency experience, with less emphasis on winning awards and more emphasis on generating results for our clients.  Our experience in the industry has shown us how ineffective creativity can be when it’s not coupled with strategy.  On the tight wire, balancing strategy and creativity is where you’ll find Soapbox.

We love strong messages.  They tell an entire story in less time than it takes to load a Youtube video.  At the heart of strong visual brand, there is always a prevailing message.  Instead of simply applying aesthetics to the name of your company, we create brands from the inside out, delving deep into the inner culture of your business and identifying a message that’s as concise as it is powerful.

We can’t stand bad advertising.  In fact, it’s our mission at Soapbox to rid the world of the cluttered mess that falls under the category of marketing.  From billboards, to TV commercials, to newspapers, to, yes, the internet, bad branding and meaningless marketing surrounds today’s consumer.  As a consumer, I’m tired of it.  As a marketer, I’m embarrassed.

But there’s hope.

Wherever there are conflicting color palettes, you will find us.  Wherever there’s ineffective branding, we’ll be there.  A superhero for brands that saves them one at a time from the doom of meaninglessness.

That being said…how ’bout that cup of coffee?

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