The Soapbox Story

It all began with a dusty chalkboard and a few passionate entrepreneurs back in 1925…OK, it was a clean whiteboard and it was 2005, but there was a ton of passion involved. Not to mention that we like passion fruit…and passion plays. But back to the story – while working in the corporate world for several years prior, Kaleb Harrell and Wayne Yung uncovered a void in the marketing industry. The two found that agencies were either results-focused and lacked creativity, or creative-focused and lacked any concept of a business’ bottom line. In 2005, the two founded a marketing agency whose goal was to ride the balance of creativity and results-driven marketing.

Over the next 5 years the agency grew its client base that spanned from small businesses to corporate giants including Disney, UPS, and Chevrolet. Over the same 5 year period, the company’s passion for relevant creative and meaningful messages grew. What was once a pet peeve against bad creative quickly became a mission to clean the cluttered advertising that was inundating consumers. The partners knew it was time to take their stance public and redefine their image with these disciplines at its core.

The team began with a vision for a marketing agency that was less concerned with winning creative awards and more concerned with solving problems for their clients. After months of deliberation over the name of this industry-redefining agency, a brainstorming session led to the name “Soapbox”. It was an immediate hit. Soapbox provided the meaningful imagery necessary to convey the essence of the team’s vision of a marketing agency that cuts the fluff.

The Soapbox brand has now fully developed to convey what we believe marketing is at its purest – a clean brand with a driven message that engages your audience.