As a co-founder and principle of Soapbox, Kaleb focuses on balancing creativity with strategy for each and every project. For Kaleb, marketing is about creating meaningful brands with a clear message and story that is conveyed throughout the entire business, not just “one-off” collateral pieces. His strategy has led to clients experiencing of 300% revenue increases in the first quarter with Soapbox at the helm.

When he’s not making his clients happy, Kaleb can be found around a campfire in a two-man tent (because let’s face it, they are built for one man) or reading the latest business strategy book. In fact, he’s working on a book of his own right now…


Wayne brings extensive project management experience to the team providing the perfect complement as a co-founder and principle of Soapbox. Wayne’s experience spans the breadth of Soapbox’s services, enabling him to navigate every project from concept to completion with ease and on schedule. His work includes layout design, logo design, and web design but is not limited to creative. On the contrary, he is also an SEO expert, earning ranks among Google’s best, not to mention his production expertise. He provides a level of strategy and budget management that makes clients love him.

Wayne’s obsession for technology extends beyond marketing, into an intricately organized iTunes library and gadget collection. Notorious for being ahead of the technology curve and buying every new technology that hits the market, his hobby has led to a collection that also includes technology busts like HD DVD players and MiniDiscs. Oh, and he snowboards.


Marie is a veteran marketing specialist, distinguished for her ability to blend marketing knowledge with public relations skills to generate measurable results for clients. As our own PR Guru, Marie has over 10 years of experience on both the client and agency side of public relations, working with international companies and has generated significant results with feature coverage in leading news outlets ranging from USA Today and Forbes magazine to FOX network’s O’Reilly Factor.

In her free time, Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. Her maturity is often greeted with reluctance at the office, but in the end she’s always right.


‘Round here we call him “Chaz”. Though labeled Web Designer his skills extend far beyond web design from UI work to brand development and heavy creative. His passion for creating rich user experiences and beautifully designed, easy to navigate websites, has helped Soapbox cultivate legions of satisfied clients.

In his spare time he likes to sketch plans for EV drag racers, watch anything directed by Darren Aronofsky, and collect old cameras and Cuban propaganda posters.