The Soapbox Process

Clean Up Your Image

Research shows that purchase decisions are typically made within the first 3 seconds of the buying process with the remainder of the time spent justifying the decision to buy. In an age of educated consumers, what makes this phenomenon still hold true? One word…branding.

A company’s brand creates consumers’ perceptions. An outdated, misaligned, or inconsistent brand is immediately evident to consumers, sometimes without them even knowing it, while a brand experience that connects to them through a clear, consistent message creates a positive association to the brand.

Cleaning up your brand means more than simply changing a color palette and revamping your logo. On the contrary, your logo and colors are just parts of a much bigger picture of your integrated brand. A picture that tells the story of your business, from your culture and values to how you treat your employees and customers. Cleaning up your brand means getting rid of clutter and meaninglessness and creating ownership in a brand that you will be proud of.

Here’s how we take your brand from dirty and dingy to squeaky clean…

1. Identify The Stain

Our first step is to evaluate areas your current brand can be improved. Are there deep stains rooted in your company values and culture, or simply surface stains that require better visual representation and messaging? Are you telling your story or just selling a product? Identifying specific areas to improve your brand can be simple at times, however, some problems require a thorough investigation and analysis to uncover them.

2. Soak In The Research

We learn about your company, competitors, and market inside and out. Along with our own research, we gather feedback about your company from everyone – you, your customers, your employees, the mailman – everyone. What’s the perception you envision for your company? Is it in line with how your company operates? Is it in line with how your consumers perceive you? Through a strategic approach we gather and absorb the necessary data to align your brand inside and out.

3. Clean, Rinse, Spin, Repeat

Once the data and research is compiled, our team begins the task of developing a brand that represents your company’s values and engages your audience. Through an organic collaboration with you, we strengthen your company’s core values and establish a look and feel, theme, and visual components. These work together to create a brand reflective of your company’s story and culture.

4. A Brand That Smells As Good As It Looks

Our brand development isn’t limited to our creative work. Your new brand will be a reflection of your business inside and out, as we help you communicate the brand in every area of of your company. Your brand will smell as good as it looks.