The Soapbox Process

Reach Your Audience

In the 1800s soapboxes were used to make impromptu speeches on street corners. Huge crowds would gather to hear the speaker’s message, political, advertising, or otherwise. The premise was simple: Flip a soapbox, position yourself in a crowd, and engage your audience with a message.

Over the last century, advertisers have lost the connection with their consumers that was once as simple as interacting with an audience on a flipped crate. In a world where consumers are inundated with messages at every corner and inbox, even the strongest advertising has to be supplemented with interaction.

Reaching your audience now means presenting a strong brand message and engaging your audience to experience it. By listening to your consumer’s feedback and applying it to your business and marketing, you’ll turn what were once only buyers into brand advocates who represent your brand with passion and sell your story around the clock.

Here’s how we reach your audience and bring your consumers from being aware of your brand to actively advocating your brand:

1. Connect To Your Audience

The foundation of a strong brand connection is always personal – what does your product or service do for them personally on the deepest level? Maybe it allows them to spend time with their kids. Maybe it fulfills a dream they’ve always had. Maybe it simply saves them the financial pain of another alternative. The list is broad, but the premise is simple; convey the true benefit that is at the heart of all the attributes of your business.

2. Listen For Feedback

What one distinguishing factor separates the strongest brands in the world from their competition? They listen. Soapbox helps our clients grasp the true value of social media and sales data by “listening” to the chatter of the audience and filtering recurring questions and concerns. Today’s consumer longs to be heard and values the company that recognizes her voice and opinion.

3. Interpret And Communicate

An FAQ page on your website is no longer enough. As important as it is to hear consumers, it’s equally important to understand them. Our team evaluates and communicates with your consumers to be sure we understand the root of their concern, oftentimes hidden under several layers of conversation. Perhaps it’s not that they disagree with your message, but that they couldn’t hear you to begin with.

4. Respond With Results

Once a problem is identified among your audience, it must be resolved. We help your marketing and sales team address problems head on at their root, formulating a proactive approach to brand management that will win over your audience and turn a mistaken order into a life-long customer. When consumers see your business taking action on behalf of their suggestion, they’re no longer just buyers, but advocates for your brand.